Sapphire Eyes

Sapphire Eyes plays an airy type of AOR and draws inspiration from the great AOR bands of the 70-ies and 80-ies and adds their own twist to the music.

Niclas Olsson created Sapphire Eyes to record AOR songs that did not really fit his other bands (Alyson Avenue, Second Heat). Sapphire Eyes criticaly aclaimed self titeled debut Album was more of a project and featured many contributing musicians. In time for the second album, Breath of Ages, the project became a band with fixed Members. Kimmo Blom from Finland was recruited as lead singer and together with Niclas, Christer Engholm, Patrik Svärd, Fredrik Eriksson and Emil Knabe they completed the band.

Get your heart pumping and your hands in the air and let Sapphire Eyes lift you towards the skies.

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