Meraki is a jazz-influenced progressive and psychedelic rock band influenced by several diverse styles, stemming from each member’s own unique musicianship. Performing passionately, just as their name suggests, their hearts belong to music.

Since their formation in 2017, they’ve been playing at several local venues and are now striving to reach a bigger audience to share their love with. They started off as a cover band and eventually ventured off to compose and perform their own music, looking for new ways to experiment with the help of their instruments.

The band consists of Hannah Lundqvist (vocals), Assem Aldarawshe (guitar), Emil Latorre (guitar, saxophone and backing vocals), Alex Flygare (bass and backing vocals), Samuel Johansson (keys), and Albin Rosenqvist (drums).

Their biggest inspiration is seeing passionate musicians do what they do best, and wish to one day inspire others in the same way – bringing back the raw charm of older music they all listen to, and creating something entirely new in the process.

A potpourri of different styles presented to you by diverse individuals, all with the same wish in their hearts – to spread the importance of music and keep their passion for it flowing in their veins, and they do it all for you.

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