2 WORLDS COLLIDE is a thrilling landscape of a multitude of musical genres. You will hear elements of Epic Power Metal, Prog Metal, Symphonic Metal and other musical landscapes in between.

What is 2WC… We are brought together under one from 2 different areas around the globe, the USA and Europe which makes up and forms the metaphor for 2 WORLDS COLLIDE. But rather as a negative term or concept it is a positive collision of 2 forces joining together creating one big massive cohesive family, legion and an amazing musical metal landscape. This truly a 6% degrees of musical separation. Everyone brought onboard was handpicked not just because of their amazing talent behind their instrument but we all know each or at least more than a few people do. Everyone, simply whoever performs their parts and contributions with the writing and performances on the album has equal writing shared credits. This is a true democracy and a musical family!

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Who is 2WC “Collective” Legion…A collective of the best top notch 5 Star musicians in the Metal & Rock genres all under one roof. Keep in mind this is NOT a project but a band. Depending on the individual(s) schedule we will either all be on stage performing live together or all of those who are available at the time of shows and touring.

2WC “Collective” Legion:

  • Carlos Zema – Lead Vocals
  • Wade Black – Lead Vocals
  • Tony Ivan – Lead Vocals
  • Travis Wills – Lead Vocals
  • Corey Brown – Lead Vocals
  • Hank Rain Irving – Lead Vocals
  • Herman Danielsson – Lead Vocals
  • Kathy Ryder – Lead Vocals
  • Colleen Gray – Lead Vocals & Piano
  • Jonah Weingarten – Keys & Synths
  • Stefan Rosqvist – Guitars
  • Justin Hartzer – Guitars
  • Ian Ringler – Bass
  • Jim Wilkinson – Bass, Keys, Synths, Soundscapes & Vocals
  • Rick Marino – Drums, Percussion & Vocals

*Note: A few more announcements for the lineup will soon be coming.

So come and join us on this amazing musical journey, tell your friends and help spread the word. And remember… Stay Metal!

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